Day Procedure Centre Licence
EC Specialists Premium (PHF No. DP000104) 、EC Specialists Central (PHF No. DP000110)

Day Procedure Centre Licence
醫思專匯(PHF No. DP000104)
醫思聯匯(PHF No. DP000110)

The specialist outpatient clinics, a flexible medical choice

Day procedure centres

The specialist outpatient clinics in the public healthcare system are getting overwhelmed, some patients have to wait for years to conduct surgery. Over the past 6 months, some non-urgent surgeries have been postponed to concentrate resources to deal with the pandemic, and this further delayed the waiting time in the specialist outpatient clinics. In fact, people can choose to receive some simple treatments in day procedure centres.

Day procedure centresare very common in the western countries, and they are getting more popular in Asia in recent years. Day procedure centres refer to the centres that carry out minor procedures such as endoscopy, cataract surgeries etc, which are performed by the specialists. They are regulated by the law to provide safe and effective procedures for the patients. The patients can schedule their time more effectively as there is no hospitalisation required. They can decide whether to go home or arrange other things to do after having surgery. The day procedure centres are equipped with advanced and comprehensive medical equipment which are similar to that of a hospital, and all procedures are managed by professional specialists. Patients can have surgery in day procedure centres for a friendlier budget as the expenses of hospitalization are eliminated.

As more and more people will go to day procedure centres, this helps relieve the burdens in the public healthcare system. Patients will not have to wait long to receive the surgery that they need. Most of the medical insurances on the market, including the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme launched by the government, have reimbursed the expenses in day procedure centres. Consult your doctor to know more and receive a timely remedy.


Source: Headline daily

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