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Colon polyps become colon cancer?

What is a colon polyp?

A colon polyp is an abnormal growth of tissue protruding from the mucous membrane and is usually formed on the wall of the colon. It may form on the rectum as well. Colorectal cancer continues to be the most common cancer in Hong Kong and the number of colorectal cancer patients is increasing every year. Colon polyps are usually the cause of colorectal cancer. It is recommended to conduct a colonoscopy regularly to make an early treatment to avoid the polyp from enlarging or becoming cancerous. Hong Kong Cancer Fund recommends people aged 50 or above to consult with their doctor about having a colonoscopy on a regular basis.


Two Types of Polyps

【Hyperplastic Polyps】
Hyperplastic Polyps usually in the form of tiny bumps on the rectum and the colon sigmoid. Its colour is similar to and usually lighter than that of the intestinal mucosa.
Hyperplastic Polyps are unlikely to develop into malignant tumours. However, it is not possible to determine if the polyp is benign or malignant. A polyp removal procedure will be carried out and have the tissue sent for a cancer biopsy.

【Adenomatous Polyps】
Adenomatous Polyps appear in various forms and reddish colour on the colon. It is a cancerous type of polyp and is likely to develop into colorectal cancer within 10-15 years. It is recommended to conduct a colonoscopy to make an early treatment to prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer.


Risk Factors



Do I have to remove my polyps?

Most colorectal cancers are developed from a polyp. Even though most polyps are benign at the early stage, it is possible for the polyps to further deteriorate and become cancerous if a timely removal procedure is not carried out. Therefore, if a bowel polyp is found, it should be removed immediately.


Can I have my polyps removed while having a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is a common intestinal exam in Hong Kong. It uses a soft intestinal endoscope of diameter around 1.3 cm to enter your colon from the anus and examine your colon wall carefully. The doctor can know the condition of your colon wall from the screen. It is also possible to remove polyps with other medical devices simultaneously. The doctor may take tissues for a biopsy if the polyps are suspected to be cancerous.

Colon Polyps Q&A

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